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Our Work

Our work is firmly rooted in partnerships, and relies on the science that inspires positive conservation actions in collaboration with communities, civil society groups, businesses, universities and the government.

We are driven by several eminent conservation challenges. Weak governance, economic growth and infrastructure expansion, increased consumption and poor public support for conservation, illegal mining and logging, human population growth triggering domestic demand, and unsustainable agriculture patterns motivate us to take action.

We strive to address these challenges through research, policy work, and site interventions.

Program Areas

The threats to nature are as varied as they are complex. That's why we employ several different strategies to meet these challenges

Conservation Research

We conduct research on threatened species and explores the impacts of development on biodiversity. We study how land use changes affect patterns of migration of migratory birds.

Conservation Education

We promote education to drive change by facilitating interactions between people and biodiversity, as well as raising awareness about conservation and sustainability.

Community Engagement

We support and promote community-based natural resources management initiatives. By involving communities, we empower them to be stewards of their local environments.

Priority Areas

Our activities focus on conserving species, sites, and landscapes across different ecosystem realms:

Terrestrial ecosystems

Marine ecosystems



Support and Funding

We are grateful for the support and funding we receive from international foundations, corporate bodies, members, supporters, and individuals. Their contributions enable us to initiate and execute projects that drive meaningful change.

Government and Stakeholder Engagement

We work closely with government agencies, the private sector, and civil society organizations to find solutions to local, national, and regional environmental problems. By fostering collaboration, we aim to create a more sustainable future.

Work with Us

A short introduction to the workshop instructors and why their background should inspire potential student’s confidence.

Become a member

We invite you to join us in our conservation efforts. Become a member, make a donation, or explore volunteer opportunities to contribute to the preservation of Ghana’s wildlife and ecosystems.