About the Ghana Wildlife Society

Nature is the life support system of a fully functional planet and in order to ensure the survival of all life, including our own; people and nature need to live together in greater harmony, more equitably and sustainably.

Our history

GWS was first formed in the early 1970s but functioned for few years and became dormant. It was not until 1991, when it was revived by the ‘Save the Seashore Birds Project – Ghana’ (SSBP-G) supported by the UK based Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), a project that aimed at protecting the sea shore birds and their coastal wetland habitats in Ghana. When the SSBP-G ended in June 1994, the Society was incorporated on 19th May 1995 and subsequently took over and continued the conservation activities initiated by the project.

Our Mission

To conserve wildlife in all its forms to ensure a better environment and for improved quality of life for all people.

Our achievements over the years

We have achieved significant milestones in conservation, including the ban on Grey Parrot trade and successful community-based models. Flagship projects like ACID Programme and marine monitoring schemes have led to notable outcomes. We collaborate with businesses in various sectors to reduce their ecological footprints, and our partnerships with companies and engagement with the youth demonstrate our commitment to wildlife preservation.