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Inspiring conservation actions for the benefit of nature and people

We initiate and support projects that address threats to wildlife and nature for improved quality of life for all people.

What We Do

At Ghana Wildlife Society, we believe that nature is the life support system of a fully functional planet and in order to ensure the survival of all life, including our own; people and nature need to live together in greater harmony, more equitably and sustainably. To realize our vision, we are currently running conservation programmes that are structured along with four strategic themes:

Saving Species
Conserving Sites &
Empowering People & Communities
Ensuring Ecological Sustainability

Our Projects

Our work is firmly rooted in partnerships and relies on the science that inspires positive conservation actions in collaboration with communities, civil society groups, businesses, universities and the government.


Savannah Integrated Biodiversity Conservation Initiative (SIBCI)


Improving Conservation Status of Talbotiella gentii in Ghana


AfriEvolve: Capacity Development for Green NGOs

Join our Free Monthly Birdwalks​

Since 2012, we have been organizing monthly birdwalks as part of its activities to promote the conservation of birds as well as promote the knowledge and conservation of birds through citizen science.

Recent Publications

For People & Nature | 2019/2020

This Issue of the Bongo Newsletter highlights some of our recent activities, achievements and stories about our work in the past year and the progress made so far to protect biodiversity and promote sustainability.

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Saving nature is our sole responsibility, not a choice or luxury. Join the many people who support our conservation efforts and take a stand for nature too.

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