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Vultures play significant ecological and economic roles in our environment. They act as nature’s
garbage collectors by cleaning up carcasses and other organic waste found in the environment.
Vultures also lessen the number of other scavengers that gather around carcasses and serve as
important disease reservoirs. Without them, we are likely to face outbreak of diseases like cholera,
rabies, botulism etc., which are mainly transmitted from wild and domestic animals. Without
vultures, “decomposing dead and decaying matter” will litter our environment and pose high risk
to public health.

international vulture awareness day

Accra, 1 September 2018- “Save vultures, Save our garbage collectors” is the theme for the
International Vulture Awareness Day (IVAD) 2018 in Ghana. On the first Saturday of September
each year, several countries hold events to commemorate this day.
International Vulture Awareness Day celebrations aim to highlight the importance of vultures,
create awareness on the plight they face and garner support for their conservation.