National Baseline on Cetacean By-catch.


Dolphins, among other marine mammals, feature prominently in the illegal wildlife trade in West Africa. Ghana being one of the countries within the sub-region, has been ranked high both in terms of species caught and landed. Currently, dolphin meat is now being processed for sale in various fish market centres in Ghana and is gradually becoming a lucrative business. They are freshly landed after entanglement, killed with piercing lance- like metals, cutlasses and sticks when retrieved


In light of this, GWS (with financial support from the Anderson Cabot Centre for Ocean Life at the New England Aquarium) has initiated a project to assess and establish a national baseline on marine mammal by-catch along the coastline of Ghana.


  • To investigate by-catch and key fishing method that influence cetaceans to establish a baseline for subsequent monitoring in Ghanaian coastal waters.


  • To update the species composition of the by-catch on cetaceans and investigate the socio-economic contribution of the cetaceans.


  • To provide current field data for national planning and policy towards better conservation of cetaceans in Ghana.

Key Timelines

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