Improving Conservation Status of the Critically Endangered Endemic Species (Talbotiella gentii) in Ghana using in situ Conservation Strategies


The total economic cost of degradation of natural resources and poor environmental management has been estimated to be at least 10% of Ghana’s GDP. In spite of this, there is insufficient site-specific information to demonstrate the economic cost of the loss of forest ecosystems. On this premise and in line with the Critical Ecosystems Partnership Funds’ investment priorities, GWS initiated the project, “Mainstreaming Site-Scale Ecosystem Values into Local Decision- Making in Ghana,” to assess ecosystem services using The Tool-kit for Ecosystem Service Site-based Assessment (TESSA).


  • Provide local government with site-specific information on the value of forest ecosystem services.


  • Support local government and the private sector to integrate this information into their planning, decisions and management practices.

Key Timelines

Partnering Organizations