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Monthly Birdwalk

Ghana Wildlife Society has been conducting biodiversity monitoring and conservation education since 1994 with birds as the main indicator. Since 2012, Ghana Wildlife Society has been organizing monthly bird walks, which takes place on the last Saturday of every month as part of our activities to promote the conservation of birds as well as other wildlife.


The bird walk offers the opportunity for nature enthusiasts, conservation actors and the general public to join the network of bird watchers and learn more about the birds of Ghana and the intrinsic value of nature for mankind.


Join the Ghana Wildlife Society for the FREE bird walk in and around the city of Accra. Enjoy the amazing beauty of birds and their importance while socializing.


Ghana Monthly Bird Walks/


Ghana WildLIfe Society

Our work is firmly rooted in partnerships, and relies on science that inspires positive conservation actions in collaboration with communities, civil society groups, businesses, universities and the government.


Ghana Wildlife Society.
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