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Partnership & Research

Are you planning to conduct biodiversity or environmental research in Ghana? Are you seeking partnership for joint research and intervention based project development and implementation in Ghana? Or are you planning a tour to experience Ghana’s natural resources and scenery? Then contact the Ghana Wildlife Society, Ghana’s premier local conservation NGO for both technical expertise and logistics arrangement. Available Options:

Affiliate Researchers

Students/researchers who want to do research in Ghana and want support services can apply for an affiliate status with the Ghana Wildlife Society. GWS provides services of local experts, facilitates arrangement of meetings and permits (e.g. access to protected areas) and make logistics arrangement for the affiliate students/researcher. The researcher pays for the cost of these services including a small administration fee.

Institutional Affiliation

External institutions and research groups planning to conduct research in Ghana can apply for Institutional Affiliate status with GWS. With this status, GWS facilitates their work and stay in Ghana. Services include provision of local experts, arrangement for accommodation, office space, and arrangement for meetings, permits and logistics etc. The Affiliate Institution pays for the services a small administration fee.

Collaborative Research and Intervention Projects

This involves joint definition of a research and or intervention based projects between GWS and an external organization/research group or individuals which will be jointly implemented by the collaborating institution. The project would have a budget to cover all project related costs. The project will acknowledge the two partners in all project related documents and any findings would be published jointly by the partnership. Researchers coming to work on such a project would be covered by the general project agreement and would not need to be covered by the any of the above status.

Partnership Projects

This involves partnerships and network of partnerships of which GWS is a member. Collaboration for joint research and/ or intervention projects between and among partners will be done within the framework of the partnership agreement. Facilitation activities outside the framework of partnership agreement will attract administration charges. Where joint definition of a project is been implemented, the project budget is expected to take care of all project related costs.


GWS provides opportunity for volunteers to have a wonderful experience on its programmes and projects. Some of the activities that volunteers can support include schools conservation education, work at the society’s community based conservation sites and conservation education library support. Volunteer are accepted depending on the availability of work. At the moment GWS does not run paid volunteer support programmes hence all volunteers are expected to pay for own up keep. However, depending on the volunteer support programme/project volunteers may enjoy free accommodation.

Ghana WildLIfe Society

Our work is firmly rooted in partnerships, and relies on science that inspires positive conservation actions in collaboration with communities, civil society groups, businesses, universities and the government.


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