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What is The Wildlife Clubs of Ghana (WCG)

The Wildlife Clubs of Ghana is the junior wing of the Ghana Wildlife Society. The clubs consist of groups of young people interested in conserving wildlife animals and plants as well as the environment. The WCG started with just two clubs in 1987 but by 1995 had over 300 clubs in schools and communities throughout the country.

Why GWS?
  • We work to conserve wildlife in all its forms for the benefit of people.

What they do
  • Environmental trips - these comprise educational and entertaining trips to conservation areas of interest
  • Vacation camps - offer the members opportunities to meet other clubs and to learn more about nature and the environment
  • Study visits to Zoos, Museums and Nature Reserves
  • Wildlife exhibitions, displays and films/slide shows
  • Lectures on environmental subjects
  • Correspondence with other clubs for debates and competitions
  • Nature walks or hikes, bird watching and workshops

Special Projects

Specific long-term projects to sustain the interest of club members and to contribute to nature conservation include the engagement of members in woodlots, tree nurseries, wildlife farms, etc. Many other clubs also have their own drama and cultural groups to spread the conservation message.


The opportunity and sense of belonging to the biggest youth nature conservation group in Ghana and a chance of personal development are the most important benefits. Other benefits include:

  • Nko’-the wildlife clubs’ magazine issued free to clubs
  • Advantage of a large knowledge base on environmental issues as compared to colleagues who are not club members
  • A membership card
  • Opportunities to join holiday camps and to take part in local and international competitions and other group activities on the environment
  • Free guide fees into nature reserves and national parks
  • Opportunities to interact with other young conservationists and experts
  • Free use of A.G. Leventis library.
  • The opportunity and sense of belonging to the biggest youth nature conservation group in Ghana and a rare chance of personal development are the most important benefits

Ghana WildLIfe Society

Our work is firmly rooted in partnerships, and relies on science that inspires positive conservation actions in collaboration with communities, civil society groups, businesses, universities and the government.


Ghana Wildlife Society.
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