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Bird Walks

A purpose of a birdwalk is to encourage children’s interest in nature and the conservation of birds especially migratory birds and to get them to take action for birds and other wildlife. The Education and Awareness Creation Unit organizes bird walks for WCG members with the main aim of developing the interest of club members in the conservation of migratory birds through identification and observation sessions at Important Bird Areas (IBAs) such as the Sakumono Lagoon, and the Songor Ramsar site and other places like the Pambros Salt Mining Industries and the University of Ghana Botanical Gardens. The unit uses bird walks as a way of moving children away from theoretical studies in the classrooms to experience the birds in their natural habitats. Most tourists come into the country not only to visit historic sites but also observe and study the diverse bird species the country has and in so doing this brings revenue to the country. Some birds like the Barn Swallows are farmers’ friends in that they help control pest in farms and hence can boost yields and general economy of the country. It is very important we protect our birds so that we increase in economic growth.

Ghana WildLIfe Society

Our work is firmly rooted in partnerships, and relies on science that inspires positive conservation actions in collaboration with communities, civil society groups, businesses, universities and the government.


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